Our Most Gut-Wrenching Losses as Sports Fans

Every fan knows the feeling of a brutal loss that never leaves your soul, even when the season is over and years have passed, you remember that terrible feeling. It’s worse than a break-up. And no sports fan who is passionate will go a lifetime without feeling it. Some of us don’t go a year without feeling it. But every time it happens, it’s like the first time, and it’s impossible to shake. I’m talking about the worst kind of losses – gut wrenching losses.

As dominant as they’ve been this century, the Patriots felt it in the Super Bowl loss to the Giants off a helmet-catch that ruined the perfect season.  UConn women’s basketball – arguably the most dominant program in all of sports – has felt it the past two years. North Carolina off a buzzer beater in the National Championship to Villanova, Georgia in the final minutes of the CFB Championship against Alabama… you get it.

We polled a number of TicketCity’s partners and employees for their worst personal losses in sports…

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

  • There’s nothing as deflating than losing in overtime at home. Mix in the fact that the loss came at the hands of a conference rival that had been talking trash for three hours and it’s the proverbial salt poured into an open wound. When Texas Tech beat TCU Oct. 12, 2012 in three overtimes, 56-53, it was the most deafening silence I’ve ever heard at a sold out Amon G. Carter Stadium. Ouch.” – Rudy Klancik
  • “Feb. 6, 2013, #5 Kansas basketball lost to unranked TCU 62-55 in Fort Worth. The Jayhawks shot 13.6% (3-22) from the field in the first half and finished the game shooting under 30% (18-61). Bill Self called it the worst team that Kansas has ever put on the floor since Dr. Naismith was there. I was in attendance at the game (obviously rooting for KU) but was interning for the Frogs at the time. I had to show up to work the next day in a TCU polo, it was painful, to say the least.” – Robel Melesse

College Football News

  • “Super Bowl XV, 1981 … I was ten years old and made all sort of bets with my fifth grade classmates that Philadelphia – my favorite team as a kid – would beat Oakland. I was obnoxious about the Eagles all year, wearing their gear all the time. They lost, and I sobbed, and cried, and wouldn’t come out of my room for school the next day. I paid off my $16 in bets and had to hear about it for a solid two weeks.” – Pete FIutak

Lindy’s Sports

  • “Auburn’s last game of the 2013 season was against Florida State in the Rose Bowl for the national championship. In its final regular season games, Auburn had defeated its two biggest rivals, Georgia and Alabama, in dramatic fashion and won the SEC title. With under a minute left in the Championship Game, Auburn led 31-27, but Florida State hit a 49-yard pass when a Tiger defensive back slipped down, moving the ball deep into Auburn territory. A third down pass from the 10-yard line was incomplete, but Auburn was called for pass interference, putting the ball at the 2-yard line. Florida State scored on the next play with just 13 seconds remaining to win the national championship. So close, with so much on the line, losing the game in that way … it would be hard to have a loss worse than that one.” – Lyn Scarbrough

Bleacher Report

  • “Marcell Dareus breaking Colt McCoy in the National Championship game that cost the Longhorns the 2009 title. The ’09 team was arguably more talented than the 2006 championship squad led by Vince Young, but McCoy getting hurt signaled the end of their hopes and honestly the end of the Mack Brown era.” – Matt Miller (@NFLDraftScout)

TicketCity’s Employees 

  • Kaitlin Hughes, SEO + Content Specialist :
    December 14, 2017
    “Stephen Piscotty traded from St. Louis Cardinals to Oakland A’s heart shattered. This is actually probably the greatest trade in the history of baseball in terms of emotion, but it still hurt because we were supposed to get married. I’m over it though….”
  • Rafael Rivas, Chief Strategy Officer:
    UT vs Maryland 2017 (Beginning of the Herman Era) –
    “One of my most disappointing losses a Longhorn, I don’t know why but I took it very hard.  I’m sure 2009 Bama felt worse at the time and little did I know that was the beginning of the end but that’s too obvious an answer.”
  • Zach Anderson, President:
    “My earliest memory of a painful sports loss was in 1985 when Villanova upset Georgetown in the national championship game. My Dad went to Georgetown, so I grew up rooting for Hoyas basketball. They were in their prime in 1985 and I expected them to win. That did not happen, as Villanova played the perfect game and beat Georgetown. That loss stayed with me for years, but I learned from it to always respect your opponent and never underestimate them.”
  • Jim Howard, Vice President of Operations:
    “Hurricane Caroline causing the Super power outage later causing the 49ers Super Bowl loss.”
  • Chris Anderson:
    1992 NFL Playoffs – Houston Oilers vs Buffalo Bills – Jan 3
    rd 1993 –
    “The Comeback” Bills come back from 35-3 3rd quarter deficit to beat the Oilers 41-38 in OT. In a fit of rage I ripped my Oilers shirt off and smashed my remote control.”
  • Taylor Zarsky, Renewals Manager:
    January 7
    th, 2010
    “My 20th birthday was a Texas Longhorn National Championship watch party. My cake was in the shape of the Rose Bowl, it was a work of art. At halftime, Colt was out of the game and my cake was in the fire pit in our backyard. We lost and I never even got a slice. Worst birthday ever.”
  • Randy Cohen, Chief Energizing Officer:
    “Notre Dame v. Texas in 2015, Painful after all the hype.”
  • Caroline Gibbs, Chief Purchasing Officer: 1
    1994, Plano East Senior High vs John Tyler High School.
    “I was a Junior that year, everyone I knew was at the game about to pack it in because we were down 41-17 with 3 min left. But thankfully we stayed to watch the greatest comeback of all time…. Plano East scored 27 points in 2:30 min, recovering 3 onside kicks in a row and then LOST ON A 97 YARD KICKOFF RETURN!!!! Devastating.”
  • Juston Braaton, Marketing + Content Specialist :
    Cowboys vs. Packers, Divisional Playoffs 2014
    “The 2014 Cowboys team was its best since their Super Bowl teams of the 1990’s, with the perfect formula for a team with below-average defense. Everyone knew Dez Bryant caught that beauty from Tony Romo in the fourth quarter, but hearing the league admit it years later only rubs salt in the wound. Maybe they don’t win that game, but having the chance taken away is more painful than losing.”

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