7 College Football Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About This Season

College Football season is long and emotionally tiring. But, we keep coming back for all the unpredictable moments, like Auburn’s “Kick Six”, or Pitt and Syracuse’s ridiculous 137 combined points in their 2016 finale. We’re about eight weeks into the college football season and thought it would be interesting to look at some of this season’s weirdest college football facts.

Have you ever noticed the Washington State flag, “Ol’ Crimson” in the background of ESPN College Gameday every Saturday morning? It doesn’t matter where Gameday is, the flag has always followed bringing the steak to 216 games. Every taping since 2003.

Washington State fans even have a database of volunteer flag wavers located in different parts of the country who make sure the logo is in the correct view of the camera, and ensure that regularly-visited Gameday sites have coverage. This includes such schools as Ohio State, Michigan and Alabama. Fifteen years later, Ol’ Crimson is coming home to a well-deserving fan base.Even better, the man who began the tradition will fly the flag on set. That’s a well-deserving lead into Fact 1.

Photo via 247 Sports

Fact 1: For the first time ever, Washington State will host College Gameday this Saturday in advance of its Top 25 match-up with Oregon.

Fact 2: Did you know that UCF has the longest winning streak in the country? Currently at 19 games as of this writing.  It has been nearly 2 years since the Knights have lost a game. What’s more impressive is – in 2015, UCF finished 0-12. Quite the turnaround. A possible foreshadow for the struggling Nebraska Huskers.

Fact 3: Kansas leads the nation in turnover differential at plus-2.17 per game. And yes, we’re talking about football. The program already has 2 wins this year after winning 3 combined games over the last 3 seasons. That’s right, they lead the nation in turnover differential. Jayhawk’s fans may see the light at the end of the football futility tunnel.

Fact 4: The most expensive event happening in a college football stadium this week is not actually a college football game. Saturday night at Notre Dame Stadium will lack Doug Flutie in the booth, but gain Garth Brooks in an epic concert with an average ticket price over $200. The most expensive game in college football this weekend is Oregon at Washington State boasting an average ticket price of $174.

Fact 5: There are only a handful of teams that are in the top 20 nationally in scoring offense and scoring defense at the halfway point of the season. A few of them are familiar: Alabama, Clemson and Georgia. The other two are North Texas and Appalachian State, which may not be so familiar. After recent rough patches, these 2 programs are back on the rise.

Fact 6: Through 8 weeks of college football sales, the SEC has yet to host the most in-demand game of the week. Even last week, Michigan v. Wisconsin edged out Georgia v. LSU in Death Valley. Here are the top games each week:

  • Week 1: Michigan v. Notre Dame – boasted an average ticket price of $501.00
  • Week 2: Colorado at Nebraska (Nebraska’s first home game under Frost) – boasted an average ticket price of $259.00
  • Week 3: USC at Texas – boasted an average ticket price of $322.00
  • Week 4: Wisconsin at Iowa – boasted an average ticket price of $270.00
  • Week 5: Ohio State at Penn State – boasted an average ticket price of $332.00
  • Week 6: Texas v. Oklahoma (Neutral in the Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX) – boasted an average ticket price of $385.00
  • Week 7: Michigan v. Wisconsin – boasted an average ticket price of $302.00
  • Week 8: (As of 10/18) Oregon at Washington State – boasting an average ticket price of $175.00

Fact 7: Alabama once again has one of the top defenses in the country, which is not very surprising. But, what is surprising is the Crimson Tide’s current scoring rate as they lead the nation in points scored (53.5 points per game) and scoring differential (38.5 ppg). With Tua Tagovailoa leading the offense, Nick Saban’s team looks scarier than ever.

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