NFL Tickets for 2019 Season Available Now

The 2019 NFL Regular-Season Schedule

One of the biggest dates on the calendar for any big football fan is the day the NFL season schedule is released and today is that day. The NFL has shared that they will release the 2019 NFL regular-season schedule tonight, which means that tickets for all 2019 NFL games are available to buy. Until tonight there are tickets available for all NFL preseason games.

The league puts out the schedule for the entire regular-season, all 256 games, on one day in April. That schedule release officially opens up the window for fans to start buying NFL tickets for all of the regular-season games. The strongest ticket sales of the entire NFL season typically occur in the 24-48 hours after the schedule is released, so it’s a big deal.

Because it is a big deal, the NFL has started to release the schedule in prime-time so they can have programming on the NFL Network to cover the release. This has made the NFL schedule release date a bit of a moving target since they the NFL needs to keep it under wraps until they are ready to broadcast.

Our largest day of NFL ticket sales last year was the day after the 2018 schedule was released. [Chart: 2018 NFL Ticket Sales (by date)]

NFL Schedule Released on April 17

The exact date for the 2019 NFL schedule release is now known to be Wednesday, April 17th. That keeps with the trend of the previous three years that the NFL releases the schedule on a weeknight in middle of April. The official date of the 2019 NFL schedule release is never known until the last minute.

As soon as the schedule is released, we will have it listed so you can purchase tickets for all NFL games right here at TicketCity. We have offered NFL tickets for sale since we opened our doors back in 1990 and offer a safe, reliable place to purchase tickets for your favorite team so you can #BeThereLive.