Luck of the Irish?

The Portland Trail Blazers trotted out Brandon Roy at the NBA draft lottery and right then and there maybe the Boston Celtics should have known they were doomed.

There are a million reasons, a million mistakes that put the Celts in this situation, every last one of their green eggs in the lottery basket, Greg Oden, Kevin Durant or bust for the once-proudest franchise in sports.

But Roy was the most recent reason, the reigning rookie of the year, the good guy, cornerstone player that the Blazers stole last June in a deal that began when they acquired Boston’s first-round pick in exchange for Sebastian Telfair, Sebastian Telfair’s gun collection, Theo Ratliff and a second-round selection.

The luck of the irish has apparently beenpolarized since 1986. I feel bad for Celtics fans and good for Portland fans all at the same time. I think that Roy, LeMarcus Aldridge, and Kevin Durant would be a fantastic trio.