The Week in TicketCity Search – It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Aug. 13th
1 1 Longhorns Football
2 2 Mississippi State Football
3 3 One Direction
4 Dallas Cowboys
5 5 Arkansas Football
6 6 Justin Bieber
7 7 Jason Aldean
8 Bruce Springsteen
9 Alabama Football
10 8 WWE

Strange week, as over half the countdown hasn’t budged since last week. Probably a first, though I will admit I haven’t exactly been keeping track of that particular stat. My gut is telling me it’s unprecedented, and I’m going with it. This means the ‘Horns and the Bulldogs remain on top, followed by former champ One Direction.

I see now that the boys (from England) are on a bit of a break between tours, so this is no doubt why they’ve cooled off a tad. They are doing a couple shows between now and the the kick-off of the aptly named “2013 Tour” in… 2013. March, 2013, to be specific.

The Boys (from Dallas) return to the countdown this week, forcing a break in our holdovers from last week. They replace Real Madrid, who have finished up their US tour and are safely back in Spain now. Local Real Madrid fans (or anyone who can foot the travel bill) can still pick up from tickets from us for home games at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Another group of countdown attendees content to remain in their place form the rich, nougaty center this week. Returning favorites sneak in below them, as The Boss pops into the #8 slot. Springsteen has been on tour most of the summer and isn’t slowing down for a while. There are many more arenas to be rocked between now and November.

The Crimson Tide made an early impact on the countdown in the run-up to football season but drifted away. They return this week, though just under the wire. The WWE is the only returning entry that changed places, though not in a good way. They drop from #8 to #10. With Summerslam this weekend, they may not be able to hold on next week.




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