A great time to see a Broadway show

Ever been to see a Broadway show?  If you have you know that a great show provides memories that last a lifetime.  If you haven’t ever seen a Broadway theatre production, then maybe it is time you check one out.  I’ve been to a couple recently (“The Lion King” & “Mamma Mia”), and prior to seeing them I wasn’t interested in theatre.  I thought I’d rather see a sporting event or go to the movies, rather than see a Broadway show.  After seeing a couple I can definitely say that I’ll see more in the future.  And I absolutely recommend seeing one to anyone who has never had the opportunity.

Right now is a great time to see a Broadway show.  The quality of the productions are perhaps better than they have ever been.  There are big Hollywood stars appearing in many of the top shows.  And the number of traveling productions make it possible to see a Broadway show right in your own hometown.  Plus, the biggest incentive might be the deals you can get these days on Broadway tickets.  The weakened economy has made it more affordable to see shows; decreasing demand which has brought down ticket prices.

So if those are not reasons enough, here are a few more reasons to go see a Broadway show right now:

It is also a chance to do something historic, to perhaps see a show in the final week of its run on Broadway.  This New York Times article lists a handful of shows that will be finishing their Broadway run in January 2009.  “Hairspray” and “Spring Awakenings” being among the biggest shows listed in the article.  The article says some of the shows are even bringing back their original award winning casts to finish their run. What an added bonus to get to see a big star like Liza Minnelli perform.

You can go see the hot, new show before it explodesinto the mainstream in 2009.  “Shrek – The Musical” debuted in late 2008 at one of the weakest times in the market.  Many were predicting huge things for the show before the economy softened, which has dragged down the green giant in its opening weeks.  But you can’t keep a good man down, and “Shrek – The Musical” will likely explode before the end of 2009.  As in, it will become the next big thing on Broadway that everyone is talking about.  Like “Wicked” or “The Producers” in recent years, Shrek will be the show everyone wants to see.  So buy your Shrek The Musical tickets today to be an early adopter for this soon-to-be a hit show. 

There are numerous travelling productions, so Broadway shows are coming to your city.  Hit Broadway shows like “Legally Blonde”, “Spamalot” and “Spring Awakening” are just a few of the big shows that are out on the road.  How great is it that you can see them in your own hometown or a city nearby.  Want to see Monty Python’s hit show “Spamalot” in Austin?  No problem, we have the tickets for it.

The final reason to go is simply that the deals on Broadway tickets might never again be this good.  TicketCity owns lots of seats for shows on Broadway and to different touring shows.  The economy has been keeping people at home, but we have to move our inventory anyway.  So it is a chance for you to buy Broadway tickets cheap.  Shows might cost half or one-third of what they did just a year ago, so you should take advantage of this opportunity.  And it is not just our inventory, the same deals apply from many of the suppliers who list their tickets with us.  So the deals are plentiful; call today to take advantage of them.

To buy tickets for a Broadway show or any theatre production, you can order online at TicketCity.com or call 1.800.880.8886.  Our Sales Associates can help you find the best seats for the show you want to see.




As TicketCity’s President, Zach leads company operations and long term strategic direction. With 20+ years of experience in the ticket industry, Zach enjoys talking with people about new technologies and trends that continue to improve the fan experience.