A Rocket after all?

Seattle SuperSonic star and one time high school phenom, Rashard Lewis, may get his original wish after all: wearing the uniform of a Houston Rocket.

The Sonics All-Star forward has opted out of the remaining 2 years of his contract, making him an unrestricted free agent starting July 1st. Even though he hasn’t specifically said “I want to be a Rocket”, I think this has been his plan for some time. Lewis is from Houston and I believe even lives there in the off season. I can remember way back when the Rockets didn’t draft him in the 1st round, like he thought they would, and he sat there and cried.

Well, the Rockets are going to need new blood this year to add to their new coach. It wouldnt’ break my heart to see Houston dump Juwan Howard and replace him with a younger, quicker, and better forward like Lewis.

So come on Houston…this might be 1 of the pieces of the puzzle you’ve been needing…don’t be foolish….bring our hometown boy home!