“Munch Madness”: TicketCity Ranks the Best Fast Food in Austin

What started as a friendly office debate about where to go for the best late-night tacos, turned into the creation of TicketCity’s #MunchMadness.
32 fast-food restaurants in Austin were seeded into a bracket to coincide with the NCAA College Basketball “March Madness” Tournament.
From there, the voting and HEAVY debates began. Voting was done through Slack, a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools that allows effective communication in-office.


Munch Madness

The competition began during a conversation about tacos, but eventually expanded to all Fast Food in Austin, Texas that met 2 sets of criteria.

1. There was no wait staff

2. There was more than one location in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.
Our competition schedule was inspired by the ongoing March Madness Tournament &  festivities that keep our office quite busy this time of year. So as the NCAA looks to crown a College Basketball Championship, TicketCity looked to crown a fast-food one. The competition ran from March 14th through today, March 28th. The #MunchMadness champion will serve as the lunch catered in our annual Final Four Friday lunch. CATERED LUNCH was the real motivation behind the voting…

This week, as did the NCAA, we reached our Final Four… Munch Madness

With finalists like Mighty Fine, Torchy’s, Chick-Fil-A and East Side Pies, no one really loses. But at the end of the day, TicketCity crowned Torchy’s Tacos as their favorite Austin stop for fast-food.


Looking back, we encourage all businesses to run a Munch Madness poll within their office. You learn a lot about your colleagues through brackets. We felt compelled to take colleagues to lunch to show them the spot we claimed was best. Team building mixed with greasy yummy food? Most of us were in every time!

We want to thank all of the fast-food restaurants for allowing us to eat and judge your food over the last few weeks. If you think your restaurant should’ve gone further, we’re happy to accept free samples… we’re looking at your Mighty Fine!

As our competition ends and another approaches the end, we want to wish the remaining NCAA Final Four teams good luck as they approach the end of the 2017-18 season.