TicketCity Cactus Bowl is our Proudest Moment of Bowl Season


Last night was one of the most exciting moments in the history of college football. Ohio State stunned Alabama, and Oregon gave Jameis Winston his first loss ever as a starting college football quarterback. More importantly, college football’s highest level now knows what a playoff looks like. But in the wake of this historic moment for college football, bowl season continues, with more great matchups, storylines, seniors, families, and sure to be unforgettable plays. One of these games is especially important to us here at TicketCity and we are proud to tell you why.

The 2015 TicketCity Cactus Bowl represents the 1st year that we have had the privilege of sponsoring a bowl game since 2012, and will be one of our proudest moments for 2015. College football is a big part of all of our lives here at TicketCity. We sell tickets to dozens of professional and collegiate sporting events, but college football is at the core of our business. But more than that, it is our passion. It is what we talk about around the watercooler, it is the subject of office jokes, and it brings us together inside and outside of work. Our CEO Randy Cohen had this to say about the opportunity to sponsor the Cactus Bowl,

“We are thrilled to be sponsoring such a premier event. TicketCity has a long tradition of creating memorable experiences and we are excited to continue that with the new TicketCity Cactus Bowl.”

Our relationship sponsoring bowls goes back to 2011. The 1st TicketCity Bowl was played on January 1st, 2011, and was an enormous day and accomplishment for TicketCity. It was big for our brand, and gave us a chance to add our name to the spectacle of the college football bowl season that we all know and love. We got to meet tons of amazing people, players, coaches and fans. Memorabilia from the 2011 TicketCity Bowl still sit in our entry way and are present all over our office.


A year later the TicketCity Bowl returned for a 2nd year and our very own Randy Cohen even helped with the coin toss. Following the 2012 TicketCity Bowl, the ownership of the game changed direction and wanted to promote their non-profit in the name of the bowl game, unfortunately ending our relationship with the game.


It took 3 years for TicketCity to return as title sponsor of a bowl game, and we could not be more excited for tonight’s TicketCity Cactus Bowl. When the Cactus Bowl sponsorship became available we knew it would make for an excellent partnership as both TicketCity and the Cactus Bowl have over two decades of experience providing college football fans with memorable experiences. The game features two teams from power 5 conferences and we think that aligning ourselves with a bowl game in this fashion offers an excellent opportunity for us to expand our brand recognition and enhance the trust that consumers place in us.

Hours, days, months, and yes years have gone into the preparation for this game. From the moment the TicketCity Cactus Bowl was announced, our office has been buzzing with excitement. Logos, tickets, pamphlets, even lanyards for the game have popped up all over the office.


When Washington and Oklahoma State take the field tonight, it will be the final game for their seniors, while some fans in the stands will be experiencing college football, and bowl season in person for the very first time. There will be confetti, dancing, jaw dropping plays, and gut wrenching moments. From all of us here at TicketCity, thank you for letting us be part of your college football experience for the last 25 years. In ten days from now Oregon and Ohio State will square off in the College Football Championship Game, an event that will change the college football postseason forever. Here’s to hoping the passion never changes.

The 2015 TicketCity Cactus Bowl kicks off at 8:15 Mountain time at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

Check back for a behind the scenes look at the 2015 TickCity Cactus Bowl.