What are eTickets?


A question that we get a lot here at TicketCity is “What are eTickets?” Many of the tickets that we offer are eTickets, which are some of the most convenient and easiest to use tickets on the market. Etickets are often scans of paper tickets, that include the same bar code, seating, and event information. Here is a little about how they work.

After you complete an order for eTickets from TicketCity, you will receive an Order Confirmation Email. Following the Order Confirmation Email will be a “Ticket Download Instructions” email. This 2nd email will contain a link that directs you back to a page that you can download your tickets from. Download and print the tickets, and you are ready to go. It’s that easy. Have more questions? We have your answers below.

eTickets FAQ

Can I download my eTickets multiple times?

Downloading your eTickets is quick, easy, and can be done multiple times. If you print your tickets out and then lose them, don’t fret, you can download and print your tickets as many times as you need.

Can I forward my eTickets to a friend or relative?

Absolutely, attaching your eTickets to an email is an easy way to send tickets as a gift, or utilize someone else’s printer to print off your tickets.

Do I have to print my eTickets in color?

You can choose to print your tickets in color, or black and white.

Can I print my tickets anywhere?

Yes, you can print your tickets from any computer, on any printer, you are not tied to the computer that you originally downloaded the tickets to. Often, traveling fans will use a hotel concierge service or front desk to print off tickets when out of town.

I accidentally deleted my Ticket Download Instructions Email, are my tickets lost?

If you deleted your Ticket Download Instructions Email, don’t worry, you can always access your eTickets from the Order Status page on TicketCity. Plug in your email address and Order Reference Number and you can download your tickets from TicketCity. Still having trouble? Give our Customer Support Specialists a call and they will help you retrieve your tickets. 1.800.521.8788

The name on the ticket is different than mine, will I still be able to use this ticket?

Often times the name that appears on the ticket will not be yours. This is because the tickets are labeled with the original purchaser’s name. The tickets are transferable and you will have no problems getting into the game, concert, or event that you purchased tickets for.

Why is the price listed on the ticket different from what I paid?

The tickets offered by TicketCity come from our large network of suppliers and individual sellers. Ticket prices are set by the seller and may be different than the face value printed on the ticket.