Guide to Buying Tickets & Attending Events Safely During Coronavirus

TicketCity has always been a top choice of fans to buy tickets, but during this terrible global pandemic in 2020 even more people have come to appreciate working with us. That is because we remain one of the few large ticket companies that has consistently provided refunds to our customers for events cancelled due to Coronavirus. Check out these comments to see how our our customers loved our policy.

Below is a simple guide we put together for fans to understand how events are working right now. To know the requirements for their event and how the venues are taking great precautions to make sure every person who attends remains safe.

Event & Venue Rules During Covid

There are rules being setup by venues to keep your safe at the next live event you attend. Those rules are setup to comply with the local government regulations where the venue is located, or to follow the guidelines of their league or sport governing body. Those include the following:

Purchase Quantity Groups

Events have to allow for social distancing inside the venue, so they can only sell at % of the available seats. Those that are sold must be spread out to comply with the 6+ foot distances required. That means that venues must offer tickets for sale in pods (i.e.- groups of 2 tickets, 3 tickets, 4 tickets or more). We are required to offer tickets for sale as a pod, so you must purchase the entire quantity of seats in that pod.

Tickets are sold in preset quantities which cannot be split

Socially Distant Seating

Socially distant seating just means that they venue can only offer seats that are separated far enough to allow the required distance between people. Seats will be spaced out throughout the venue to allow for proper social distancing and fans will not be allowed to relocate into any of the open seats.

Venues are distancing patrons to provide the required space between people

Masks Required at Venue

Different venues have different policies, but some may require you to wear your mask the entire event. While others just require a mask to be worn in common areas, which can be removed when you are in your seats.

Venues are requiring masks to enter the venue, walk around common areas and some even while you are in your seats

In addition many venues have changed the entrance and exits used by fans, to keep fans separated as they arrive or depart the venue. Many venues are going cashless, which means you will need a credit and/or a smart phone in order to order concessions. Some venues may be taking temperature checks as fans enter. If you have questions about any of these policies or need assistance purchasing tickets – please do not hesitate to reach out to us.