It’s a Good Time to Buy Tickets

We are in the middle of an unimaginable global crisis, which has shut down the live event industry. The priority right now for every person is to make sure they are healthy and safe, and their community is as well. What will happen in the live events industry once this crisis is mitigated? Events will get rescheduled (many already have) and people will once again come together to enjoy those things they love. Which leads to the question: Is now a good time to buy tickets? Yes, it is certain is for many people.

Why to Buy Tickets Right Now

  • Live events are special.
    They provide an energy and joy you cannot get from watching an event on TV. Fans need to feel that energy again; they will want to get out of their house to enjoy themselves at an event. The moment the lights dim right before their favorite singer comes on stage. Or the big play in the game that brings the entire crowd to their feet. These are the types of experiences that live events provide. We feel these experiences when we are attending a live event.
  • Supporting live events helps.
    There are thousands of people who work in the live events industry, from superstars like LeBron James to the hard working person answering the phone in our customer support center. Attending a live event helps all of them: parking attendants, ticket takers, concessionaires and certainly our team here at TicketCity. When you attend a live event, you are helping to support that entire ecosystem for sports, music and theater.
  • Fans are ready to go.
    Many people have been in their homes, or restricting their travel for weeks. People are ready to get out of their homes to do something special. That big game, or show, that is happening in your town this Fall. Lots of people you know are going to be there because they are ready to get out and enjoy themselves.
  • Orders are guaranteed.
    Customers who purchase tickets for sports or concerts this Summer or Fall are protected by our order guarantee. Which means you are not out any money if the event is cancelled, and you are still covered with tickets if the event is postponed. Customers who purchased tickets for events this Spring, that were cancelled, received their money-back per that guarantee.
  • Great deals on tickets.
    If there were no other reason to buy tickets right now, the good deals on tickets now would enough. There are great deals on many tickets for Summer and Fall events. Customers are just starting to purchase again, so the demand is still low enough that ticket prices have remained below normal levels. The best time time to purchase tickets is when the demand is down. There may not be a more favorable time to purchase those tickets for the event you want to see later this year. Right now you are going to find some great deals on tickets.
  • Give yourself something to look forward to.
    Everyone has been through so much during this global crisis. Buying tickets for an event you enjoy gives you something to look forward to. That is certainly something that everyone deserves right now.

Right now live events have been shut down, but they will come back once its safe to attend. When they do, you will be happy you choose to buy some tickets to celebrate the return of live entertainment.

What Events are Available

We are keeping a running list of the events that are available to purchase right now, as well as, the dates of the big rescheduled events. Go see what events are happening right now.