TicketCity’s Top 10 Favorite Sports Movies

I’ll never forget the ride to the 2002 volleyball state semifinals, sounded by nearly 40 of my teammates, all high school girls that I had played with for years. Together we had sweat our way through two-a-day workouts, sprints, victories, and just a few losses.

As a ninth-grader lacking hand-eye coordination, I only stepped onto the court during JV games. But on that bus, all of us full with nervous energy, it felt as if there was no junior varsity team, no varisty team, but instead only one united team, all readying to fight the same battle.

Adding to the emotion, Coach Horwatt had chosen to show Remember the Titans as our bus ride entertainment, a movie then only two years old. There’s something about Remember the Titans, and sports movies in general, that appeal even to those that don’t consider themselves athletes or sports fans. Is it the banding together of typically conflicting personalities for the greater good of the team that gets to the viewer? The warm fuzzies you feel when the underdog pulls off victory?

I’m not sure what it is that makes these movies so universally appealing. Even now, as adults far from our time on the field or the court, the TicketCity team still has its favorite sports movies. Below are the top ten recommendations directly to you from the TicketCity staff.

1) Hoosiers

“Hoosiers is the ultimate David vs. Goliath movie. If you work hard, you can achieve anything.” -Chris A., Client Relations


2) Field of Dreams

“This one is a classic. Besides the great storyline and amazing cast, this one is my favorite because it shows the bond that baseball can create.” -Gene G., Client Relations; Also recommended by Randy Cohen, CEO.


3) Caddyshack

“One of the funniest movies ever made, certainly the funniest sports movie. Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield & Ted Knight are at their best in Caddyshack.  You can see it a hundred times and the dialogue is still just as funny as the first time you watched it.” –Zach A., COO; Also recommended by Brian W., Sales.


4) Rocky IV

“Great movie for the time period.  You  have USA vs. Russia, sports science vs. old fashioned true grit training, man vs. a machine, and revenge.  A lot of themes going on.” -Rafael R., CSO


5) Dodgeball

“Because if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” -Eric L., Marketing


6) Bad News Bears

This is an all-time favorite of Lou C., VP of Purchasing.


7) Happy Gilmore

“Bob Barker kicks Adam Sandler’s butt. Do I even need a second reason to love this movie?!” -Kendall L., Sales


8) White Men Can’t Jump

“I love “White Men Can’t Jump” because it avoids the platitudes that most sports flicks run into, namely that conflict between men, races, genders and friends needs just “one big game” or “one big moment” to be overcome. It also brought the “We goin’ to Sizzler”/Cabbage Patch-mix onto the pop culture scene.” –Alex F., Marketing


9) The Natural

“In the movie Roy shows us his heart and passion for baseball and helps us realize we need to love and cherish our passions in life and if we do that, we will have the ultimate success.” –Randy Cohen, CEO


10) Rudy

“Rudy never, ever gives up. This is a true classic.” –Kelley R., Marketing