TicketCity Donates to Jaxon’s Journey

JaxonIn February of 2014, ten year old Jaxon Cooper, was diagnosed with a Brainstem Glioma. His brain tumor is inoperable and aggressive, despite both chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  This type of Pontine Glioma has a very poor prognosis and continues to affect young Jaxon’s ability to walk, speak, swallow, and move his facial muscles. Despite this terrible disease, Jaxon and his family continue to laugh, play, and make the most of every moment they have together.  Most recently, the Cooper family has taken advantage of all that their native Australia has to offer by going snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and feeding crocodiles.  Although Jaxon has greatly enjoyed these adventures, his greatest wish is to travel to the United States and to see the New York Knicks.

As a company that is obsessed over sports and sports fans, we knew how important it was to help him make this dream a reality. We’ll start by donating $1,000 to Jaxon to help him achieve his goal, and we want you to visit the site below and contribute to Jaxon’s cause as well.


Stay strong, Jaxon!jaxx


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