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TicketCity has received well over 10,000 reviews during 30+ years in business. That is a lot of reviews, but really only a fraction of the 1+ million customers we have served and many millions of orders we have process since 1990. Our business is setup to make it easier for fans to see the events they want to attend, so the majority of our customers have a seamless ticket buying experience that does not require our interaction, but there will always be some issues that arise. That is why we provide multiple layers of customer support to make sure we are available for our customers. We have teams of experts in Austin, Chicago and abroad to assist in any variety of matter that may come up. A core value of our business is to “Deliver for our customers” and we strive to provide the highest level of service for each of our customers.

Customers can leave us a review at Yelp, Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, and many more sites on the internet. Some of those reviews are positive reviews (4-star & 5-star) and some of them are negative reviews (1-star or 2-star). They all mean something to us, as we take the feedback from each of these reviews and act on it. We take pride in making sure we respond to all of our reviews. If there is still an active issue, then we will have someone on our CS team reach out. If a customer is just sharing their perspective, then we look for how we can incorporate that into what we do so we get better. We do not control every aspect of providing a ticket to a customer (i.e.- we have thousands of non-affiliated sellers, the venue who sets up the event, the ticket apps required to be downloaded to accept a ticket, etc.) but we do take ownership of them. If you have questions about our business or the policies we operate within, then check the robust About Us and FAQ sections on our website.

Read on below to see some of the reviews we have received in recent years:

TicketCity Positive Reviews

We love positive reviews of our business. It is fantastic to hear positive feedback from our customers that validates the good work we do at TicketCity. For some reason we never get as many of our great customers positing reviews about us online, but we do get ‘thank you’ emails/texts/calls from them nearly every week. Also many of our best customers will share photos with us which show them enjoying their event. We have shared some of those here and here.

If you are a TicketCity customer who had a great experience buying from us, please feel free to share your experience. We love to hear it, and it also helps create a more balanced perspective of our business with the various review sites. We take our job to our customers very seriously, so its great when we know they are having a great time working with us.

TicketCity Negative Reviews

It stings whenever we get a negative review from a customer. We want to deliver an exceptional experience for every customer, so we hate to hear when we have fallen short of that goal. Every business today knows that managing online reviews is an important aspect to maintaining a company’s reputation with customers. We are relieved that we only receive a handful of negative reviews from 100,000+ orders we process each year, but truthfully we’re not happy with even one upset customer. We read and respond to those negative reviews. We will try to find solutions to help satisfy that customer if it something within our control that we are able to fix. We truly pride ourselves on providing a great ticketing experience and will never not care about our customers.

Do we pay attention to negative reviews? Absolutely. We work hard to try to make sure that no customer ever feels they had a poor experience buying tickets from TicketCity. A negative review sometimes means that we let a customer down, which is something we take personally. Often a negative review it means a customer is unhappy with one of the policies that govern our business, or they may have “buyers remorse”. Our policies, like not offering refunds on rescheduled events, exist to protect both ticket buyers and the ticket sellers. Following those policies means that unfortunately, there are circumstances where we cannot offer the remedy the customer is seeking.

An example of a situation that comes up which we cannot fix is “buyers remorse”; a customer who changes their mind and wants to return the tickets they already purchased. We are marketplace that lists tickets on behalf of the ticket seller and we are very clear in our policy that there are no returns, cancellations or refunds (unless an event is cancelled and not rescheduled). If a customer is not sure they want the tickets, we would encourage them to wait to buy until they have decided to attend the event.

Another complaint we receive is a customer who is upset that they paid more than the face value printed on the ticket. We are very transparent that we are not the venue box office and the tickets offered on our site may be above face value. The seller of the tickets sets the price, so in many cases the tickets offered on our site are priced above face value.

A lot of negative reviews stem from a customer having trouble downloading their tickets, or receiving the digital or mobile ticket transfer. The root cause of much of that is the archaecic 3rd party ticket apps (who are partnered with the venues we serve) that must be downloaded to access tickets for those venues, but we are always striving to make working with those tools as easy as possible for our customers. We are always constantly pushing on them, the venues and ticket technology providers, with how they can improve their apps. We will text and/or email customers info on when and how they can access their tickets. We always recommend to check spam/junk folders, and reach out to us if you are confused. We also offer instructions on how to obtain your digital tickets, and offer a customer support team that is available 7 days a week to answer questions or assist.

Below are a few samples of the reviews we have received:

TicketCity Reviews

We often can resolve an issue when a customer reaches out to us. We pride ourselves on being able to sometimes turn around a problem for a customer, so they are completely satisfied.

Don’t want to order online? Our phone team can help you figure out just which tickets are right for you.

Keeping customers long-term is our goal with every order.

We feel awful when a customer is stressed because their tickets have not yet arrived to them. We have a dedicated team who works with sellers to get them to upload/deliver tickets on-time, but sometimes the date is missed. Our goal in those instances is to get the tickets in the hands of the customer asap to make sure they can still enjoy their event.

There is nothing worse than when a customer doesn’t get to have their full experience at the event. We always try to relay any relevant changes in the event to our customers, but we also recommend checking on the venues website the day before your event as sometimes events are subject to change. We may offer a credit as a make-good in certain situations.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to buy tickets, so we never want to add stress to your order. We log when tickets are transferred from the seller to the buyer. In some cases the tickets go into a spam folder, or have other similar type issues. When we are aware of the issue, and provided sufficient time, we can usually get the tickets resent to make sure customer has them prior to the event.

We even occasionally get some love from our Spanish speaking clientele. Nos gusta!

Our goal is to serve our customers for all of their ticket needs…now and in the future.

TicketCity Yelp Reviews

Yelp is the best known review site on the web with over 100 million reviews submitted. Each month, there are over 150 million visitors to their site who read up on restaurants, retail stores and TicketCity. We value those Yelp reviews on TicketCity because it is often good feedback on our company that we can address.

We make it a point to respond to every TicketCity Yelp review we receive, both publicly and via a direct message to that customer. Our goal is to understand the issue and provide remedy where that is requested. We are not able to satisfy every customer who has left us a Yelp review, but for those that do respond to us, we have more times than not been able to assist them.

We have received around 100 Yelp reviews over the past several years. Those reviews come from among the 500,000 orders we have processed during that same time period, so they are not completely representative of the experience that vast majority of our clients have. That said, we take the opportunity on each one to try to provide a 5-star level of experience, we will continue to satisfy every customer.

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How to reach us, or provide feedback

We encourage any customer with an issue or feedback to reach out to us. If your issue is for an event that has not yet happened, then please reach out ASAP so we can see explore how we may be able to assist you. Our customer service call center is available 7 days a week (7am to Midnight CST). You just need your Order # to get through to one of our service agents. Your Order # was sent to you on the order confirmation email.

You can call us at 1-800-918-2612 or email [email protected] to reach our customer service team. If you have any trouble reaching our team on the phone, then you can send us a Direct Message via our social media. Our corporate office is checking our social media accounts throughout the week, so send us a message us via Facebook or Twitter. We will do our best to resolve any matter in a timely manner.