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TicketCity lists schedules on our website for all of the top sporting events, concerts and theater shows. We do this to make it easy for you to find the event you want to see. Use our handy search bar to find the performer you want, and then we list the entire schedule of events for that performer. Each event listing will include the event date, time, venue and city – which then links to the available tickets for that event.

In addition to our main site, we offer a schedule site that specifically lists all of the schedules for events that are available to buy. Every single event that we offer, with tickets available, is listed on our schedule site. It is a comprehensive list of all of the sports, concerts or shows with events.

Schedules for Events

TicketCity has been a top source for tickets to all events since we opened in 1990. Our schedule listings are available to help you discover that perfect event that you want to attend. If you have trouble finding the event that you need, you can reach out to contact us directly for assistance.