TicketCity’s Annual Scholarship Winner

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TicketCity is proud to announce the 2014 winner of the TicketCity Annual Scholarship, Calie Spencer!

The TicketCity Annual College Scholarship program was created to support the students that give college athletics the tradition, energy, and excitement that we all love. The scholarship includes one $2,500 award. Our winner Calie, was selected from a number of outstanding applications this year.

Calie is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Exercise Science. She is also a Pole Vaulter on the Longhorns terrific Women’s Track and Field Team. Calie began pole vaulting at the age of 10 and is one of the sports rising stars.

TicketCity’s Inside the Huddle had the privilege of asking Calie a few questions. The very well spoken college freshmen gave us a little glimpse into the world of being a college poll vaulter.

TC“What is the best part about being a student-athlete at the University of Texas?”
Calie“Probably the reaction that you get from people when you tell them. People are always really excited to hear that I am an athlete.”

TC“What is it like having Kaitlin Petrillose as a teammate?” (the current record holder for NCAA Women’s Pole Vaulting)
Calie“It was a little intimidating at first. But I have learned so much just watching her practice and being around her on the team. In High School I never really had anyone to compete with on a daily basis and getting to be around Kaitlin every day has really pushed me.”

TC“What is your favorite sports team, outside of the Longhorns of course?”
Calie“Probably the San Antonio Spurs.”

TC“What is the hardest part about being a student-athlete?”
Calie“Time management. We practice about 4 hours every day and balancing that with academics is something that is challenging. I thought that I was in shape in high school, but my first practice in college was definitely an eye opening experience, it is just another level.”

TC“What event are you looking forward to competing in the most this season?”
Calie“Well obviously if I made nationals that would be the top, but I am really looking forward to the Big-12 Conference meet.”

Congratulations Calie!