TicketCity: We Don’t Hate Puppies

While watching a recent basketball or football game, you may have perhaps noticed a TicketCity commercial or two. I find them all entertaining, but by far my favorite spot is the one below titled “Puppy”. Not only can we find you the perfect seat seven days a week here at TicketCity, but more importantly: We Don’t Hate Puppies. Not even a little bit, as it turns out.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq3kjVGk9JM]

When Ryan, our Director of Purchasing, brought in his golden retriever puppy we joked about the accuracy of the commercial’s tagline. There we were, all gathered around a fuzzy little bundle of joy “Awww”-ing until we could aw no more. As it goes with proud parents, we each started talking about our own pets and their infinite cuteness. We all started sharing pictures with each other, and so was born the post you see before your very eyes. Below are some pictures of the fuzzier (and arguably cuter) half of the TicketCity family.

If you’d like to put a face with the fuzz, below are the humans responsible for the adorable pups and felines featured here.

We always welcome additional cuteness, so feel free to share your own pictures with us on our Facebook page.