What are the top selling events in tickets?

Any fan of concerts or sports will tell you there is no experience that replaces seeing a live event. The feel of the being in the venue with the rest of the crowd is what truly sets it apart. Live events fans are always looking for something new to check out – whether it’s a hot, new band or a game that is being played near them. To give fans a resource to find new events, TicketCity has launched our Top 100 List for sports, concerts and live events (theater & shows).

The Top 100 is our ranking of the top selling performers on our network over the recent weeks. It changes each day as 300 performers rise, or fall, on the list based on their ticket sales. It’s a great place to discover a new band, sporting event, comedian or show that you may want to see. It is also the first launch in a series of new features that we are launching to help fans discover new events. We want to make it easier for ticket buyers to find the seats they want, but also want to help those live event fans who want to discover something new. Check out our Top 100 List here and stay tuned for more cool stuff coming soon.

If you prefer a certain type of music, we also share the top selling artists, bands & performers by genre:
* Top Alternative Rock acts
* Top Country Music performers
* Top EDM & Dance performers
* Top Hard Rock & Metal acts
* Top Jazz & Blues acts
* Top Music Festivals
* Top R&B or Soul performers
* Top Rap & Hip Hop acts
* Top Rock & Pop performers
* Top World Music performers