TicketCity Continues to Enhance the Customer Experience Online

A few months back, we launched a new event page! Since then, we’ve received feedback and have been working on our end to improve the customer experience even further. Check out some of the additional recent changes we’ve made and let us know what you think! 

Highlight the “Lowest Price” + “Lowest Row”

In addition to displaying the Top Value ticket in a section, we’re also highlighting the Lowest Price and the Lowest Row so that you can decide which experience is best for you.

Added Seat Rating for each set of tickets

Where the data is available we’ve identified the best value tickets in a section with a star rating.  The “good deals” are highlighted with star ratings, helping you narrow down to the best values available.

Improved mobile shopping + buying experience

We’ve rearranged our mobile checkout to make it easier to navigate so that you spend less time scrolling and get through the process faster.  Users of the new checkout were 22% more likely to complete their checkout than before.

You can now also link directly to a section in an event.  If you are browsing and shopping with someone else, you can quickly share exactly the section of the stadium you’re looking at with our direct section links.

Addition of similar sections in the same zone

After the new design launched, we found that most people were looking through several different sections to find the best deals.  Most of the time, the identical or similar experience is available in a neighboring section and sometimes at a lower price. To make it easier to shop, we’ve added two ways for people to browse similar sections:  

  • Under each section detail, we list similar sections and the starting price in those sections.  Now you can quickly jump between sections, checking ticket availability and values easier than ever before.
  • Our filters now include the ability to show “Zones”.  These similar areas of the stadium (like “Endzone”, “30-50 yard line”, “Club Level”) let you browse multiple sections before finding a specific ticket.

At TicketCity, we hope to continue to refine the ticket-buying experience. If you have additional thoughts on how we can improve, let us know in the comments.