Drive In Concerts Surge in Popularity

Music fans are flocking to Drive In Theaters this Fall to see amazing, “live” concert performances. The trend started this Summer where bands would broadcast a live concert to Drive In Theaters around the country, where fans would pay to watch the show from their car.

Big name artists like Garth Brooks, Kane Brown and Metallica have all had their own Drive In Concerts which were met with huge demand. A full list of Drive In Concerts is available to purchase at TicketCity.

The fans attending a Drive In Concert will purchase a ticket for their vehicle to be allowed entrance to the Drive In Theater on the evening of the concert. The prices vary quite a bit, but have been listed between $100-$200 per ticket for the top shows. Each Drive In has different rules, but will typically allow 4 to 6 people in the vehicle, so the cost of the ticket is actually split across the group. Certain Drive Ins have even allowed fans to exit their vehicles as long as they stay within a predefined area circling their car.

If you are looking for a new way to experience live entertainment, a Drive In Concert may be just the ticket.