Aerodynamic Pachyderms on Broadway

Dumbo may be headed to Broadway. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering the rather long track record Disney has with Broadway musical adaptations of its animate fare. The Lion King is still running today, and recently The Little Mermaid and Beauty and Beast enjoyed decent turns on Broadway. Mary Poppins is still running today as well, though that one is not rooted in animation.

The original 1941 animated film won an Oscar for its score, so there’s a decent musical vein to mine for a Broadway musical, including the notable “When I See An Elephant Fly”. Pretty good choice for a film about a flying elephant, after all. For anyone who doesn’t remember, is the story of an elephant who can fly, but only at the end of the film. There’s some requisite heart-string tugging to go through before you get there.

I think I’ve seen Dumbo, my memory is hazy. Disney doesn’t have much of a soft spot in my heart, as when I was in their prime demo growing up, they were turning out stuff like The Fox and the Hound and The Black Cauldron, neither of which are going to be high on the “musical adaptation” list.

Right now there’s no other details on the Dumbo production other than its rumored existence. When its official, and I have to think that’s a pretty sure bet, we’ll have a tickets page for it. For now check out some of Disney’s other active Broadway productions: