After the Weekend: Is Miami the Best Team in College Basketball?

What a great weekend as the first weekend without football. The Los Angeles Lakers traveled to South Beach and Lebron James was phenomenal as the Heat took down the Lakers.

Notre Dame beat Louisville in 5 overtimes, this is not your father’s Kansas basketball team and the University of Miami might just be the best basketball team in the country. Yes that’s right ‘The U’ might be getting it done in hoops.

The NBA All-Star Game is also heading to Houston.

The University of Texas gets their best player Myck Kabongo back against Iowa State on Wednesday after a 23 games suspension or hijacking by the NCAA, take your pick. Texas is 10 – 13 overall and 2–8 in Big play with 8 games to play. They could go on a massive run to end the season and go 18–13 and 10–8 in conference play. Would that be enough to get them in the NCAA tournament?

Probably not, but it is going to be really interesting to see what he brings to the Longhorn team on Wednesday.




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