Alamo Bowl Announcement on Sunday

Valero Alamo Bowl will announce the teams participating in the bowl on Sunday Dec 7th at 5pm.  Once the two teams are announced there will be a press conference held involving the coaches of both teams.  The possible teams to enter in this bowl are slowly deminishing but will be finalized after the Big 12 Championship game is complete between Oklahoma and Missouri on Sat Dec 6th.

Right now it looks as though Oklahoma State and Missouri are contenders as the Big 12 teams and Iowa and Northwestern are possible teams to represent the Big 10 conference.

There are several different predictions for the bowl matchup. predicts an Oklahoma State vs. Northwestern  in the bowl, while College Football thinks that Missouri vs. Northwestern would be the bowl matchup.  Furthermore the San Antonio Express-News predicts an Oklahoma State vs. Northwestern game.

You can check out to find out new information on the bowl choices and visit to buy all the tickets you need for the 2009 Valero Alamo Bowl.