An Olympic Great

The 2012 London Olympics mark the end of the best Olympian the world has ever seen. The U.S. swimmer, Michael Phelps, will no doubt be most remembered for his impeccable performance at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 where he dominated the pool and took home a record-breaking eight gold medals. The 2012 London Olympics did not compare to his Beijing performance, but they certainly made for a great Olympic exit.

Prior to the 2012 Olympics, Phelps made it clear that he was not looking to repeat or attempt to beat his eight gold medal performance. I am sure the thought of this being his last Olympic run was on his mind well before the year arrived, and enjoying the experience and the events he loved allowed him to have a phenomenal last go at being the best.

The London Olympics have offered many highlight reel swims by the 27-year-old Phelps, but the one that stands out to me, as I am sure it does to Phelps as well, is the 200m Butterfly. Rewind twelve years to the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and we witnessed the debut of this Olympic great in this same event. It was the only event Phelps swam in and, though he did not win a medal, the 15-year-old was the youngest person to make the U.S. Swim team in over 60 years.

Since 2000, he has dominated the 200m butterfly in events all over the world. This year in London, the last time he would ever swim this event, would be no different. Actually, I take that back, it was different: he would only take home the silver medal. With the 2012 London Olympics in the books Phelps grabs his 18th gold medal and retires with more than twice the number of gold’s than any other Olympic athlete and 22 medals total.

Your TicketCity play of the week comes from a man who has to be related to Poseidon because I have never seen a person move so quickly in the water.  The play of the week is from the 2009 World Championships where Phelps set the world record (that still stands today) at 1:51:51 in the race that started it all; the 200m butterfly. There is some commentary in the beginning and the race starts at 2:30 in the video.




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