And the winner is…

In the spirit of brackets since March Madness which will be upon us soon, a major event tournament is in order. My apologies in advance if I left out your favorite event, I can only speak for events I’ve attended.

The Elite Eight
1 Super Bowl (2 attended)
2 World Series (5 attended)
3 Masters (3 attended)
4 Final Four (2 atteneded)
5 Kentucky Derby (7 attended in a row)
6 BCS Championship Game (2 attended)
7 NBA Finals (3 attended)
8 Daytona 500 (1 attended)

Round 1
Super Bowl vs Daytona 500 – Daytona is great beach town, the race week is always filled with great drama, but sorry Nascar fans the “Super Bowl” of auto racing doesn’t quite match up to the real thing. I give my nod to the NFL’s biggest game based on the A-list parties leading up to the game and electric atmosphere that permeates the city.

World Series vs NBA Finals – My point of view is a little slanted since my NBA Finals attended have all been in San Antonio (great city but I’m there all the time) and my World Series games have been in NY and San Diego. I’m going to give the nod to the World Series based on the high quality and competitiveness of the games I attended.

Masters vs BCS Championship Game – This is a tough one, I’m a huge fan of college football and nothing will ever top Vince Young’s performance in the 2005 Rose Bowl. The edge goes to the Masters strictly based on tradition. The BCS is relatively still new and may not even exist in 5 years.

Final Four vs Kentucky Derby – The classic match-up, big time hoops vs big hats. The Final Four is probably one the top values in sports, three games for the price of one. But, I gotta say there is a reason I’ve been to the Kentucky Derby seven straight years, it’s a party! Edge – Derby.

Semi Finals
Super Bowl vs Kentucky Derby – This is a tough one, you obviously can’t go wrong with either. They are pretty equal when in it comes to star power. The Super Bowl lasts 4 hours, The Derby 2 minutes or 10 hours depending on how you measure. But I know the Derby is about the day. Nobody does a better job than the Derby of bringing together three of my favorite things beautiful women, fine bourbon, and gambling. In a shocker the Kentucky Derby takes down the Super Bowl.

World Series vs Masters – Augusta National is a surreal scene, the course is unbelievable and the mystique is unmatched in sports. The World Series on the other hand is America’s past time. Both events are rich in tradition, the edge goes to the Fall Classic based on my bias for big cities and lack of entertainment outside of the tournament in Augusta.

The Finals
World Series vs Kentucky Derby
Both are rich in tradition, the first world series was at the turn of the last century, 2008 will be the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. The World Series has had more legendary moments than the Derby. To me the Derby isn’t about the horses or races, its the social aspect. This competition is all about the the best events to attend live, and you will not find a more social, good natured sporting event than the Derby. That is why to me if can only attend one of the “Elite Eight” you should make it the Derby.

The Kentucky Derby takes the title!