Anglo – Australian Chicago Cops On Broadway

PoliceCapNews broke today that Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig would be staring a new Broadway production. “A Steady Rain” is, according to most accounts, about two Chicago cops dealing with the results of a particularly bad day. Digging a little deeper thanks to Google, I found this particular day involves a cannibal serial killer. Not sure how many of those you get in your average Broadway production. My guess is: “few.”

Though I could go with the “superheros on Broadway” angle, I’m more amused by the double dose of fake American accent. The leads are Australian and English after all. Granted, Jackman’s accent playing some guy named Logan was pretty flawless. I haven’t encountered Craig doing one yet, though working that into a James Bond film might be good for a laugh. I have confidence he’ll be able to pull it off convincingly.

Let’s just hope Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t end up being one of the understudys.

It’s a little soon, but tickets will probably show up right here at some point in the future.




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