The Art of the Flop

If you’ve been watching the first few games of the NBA Finals, you’ve probably noticed there are a few players on each team that like to practice their immense acting skills from time to time. The flopping that occurs in the NBA is pretty widespread, but it seems to gain a lot more attention in the playoffs because, well, that’s when everyone is watching.  There are lots of ways to flop, including actually getting fouled but then making a meal of it. Lets look into this hilariously terrible phenomenon.

Dwyane Wade was just fined by the NBA for flopping in Game 2 of the Finals, with this delightful little number:

Analysis: It’s a flop while being guarded by Manu Ginobili, one of the NBA’s premier floppers, so it’s hard to feel bad about it. Even so, pretty terrible. How can you even think that quickly? Ginobili slaps at the ball about a foot away from his face, and Wade immediately knows he can draw a foul by pretending he was just smacked in the eye.  Quick thinking, believable, and the referee bought it. I’d give this three stars, but he gets fined $5K for it. 2 stars.

Since we on the subject of the Heat flopping, my favorite all-time NBA flop is from none other than Chris Bosh. Now it’s hard for me to use the words “favorite” and “Chris Bosh” in the same sentence, but I just did, so i’ll get over it. Bosh flops a lot. He’s the player you love to hate, especially after his move to Miami from Toronto. Also, did you know Toronto had an NBA team before this year’s playoffs? Me neither. Here’s Bosh’s flop where he looks like he was just shot by a sniper:

This one has it all. If there was any contact, you can’t really tell. Bosh takes an entire second to react, and then he acts like he was just uppercutted by Mike Tyson. Not sure if he was fined for this one, but he got the call and it’s pretty damn entertaining. 3 1/2 stars.

When most people think about flopping in sports, they’ll think soccer. A it’s kind of true. While there is flopping in all sports, soccer is the worst offender. This is probably due to the nature of the game. There are people kicking at your legs for 90 minutes, and when you’re running at full speed any bit of contact with your leg can send you careening to the ground. Players take advantage of this. However, let’s look at some other sports and some of the great flopping we’ve seen.

Let’s start with baseball:

Not only does this guy pretend to be hit by the pitch, he goes nuts that he didn’t get the call after eventually striking out. He gets ejected from the game, and then his coach then comes on and argues for him as well. He took this one too far, and looked stupid. Negative 12 billion stars.

Now, for the NFL:

The Bengals player flies through the air after barely being touched by the opposing player. He gets the call. A solid 3 stars. Good work, liar.

Now let’s go to soccer. It’s truly hard to beat soccer, because they will curl into the fetal position for 10 minutes after a complete flop in order to sell it to the referee. Then the trainer will come on, put them on a stretcher and walk them off the field. They’ll hop off the stretcher after five seconds and run into the game at full speed. It’s amazing. I introduce the flop to end all flops:

THE GUY HITS HIMSELF IN THE FACE WITH HIS OPPONENT’S HAND. Dedication, acting ability, creativity all rolled into one. 4 stars. May god have mercy on your soul.




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