Article in Louisville Courier-Journal made front page news today of the Louisville Courier-Journal. The article basically brings up a huge topic that has been a hot-button of Louisville News over the past year. Last Year, Ticket City was a corporate sponsor of Churchill Downs, but due to so much heat that they took from the public over suppling Ticket City corporate packages which included tickets, Churchill Downs chose not to renew our sponsorship. Ticket City did though purchase a Marquis Village Hospitality Tent from Churchill Downs this year which were sold to corporate clients of ours wishing to enjoy the Derby and Oaks in a plush atmosphere complete with an open bar and premium buffett.

As quoted from the article, Randy Cohen, Ticket City CEO, reinforces that we know the rules set by Churchill Downs by saying “We are following to a ‘T’ our deal with Churchill Downs.”

If you’re interested in sending some clients to the Derby this year or next, be it known that we do offer hotels and hospitality in addition to the tickets that we offer.

Aaron Bulkley