Augusta – Masters

Guest Author – Aaron Bulkley – Director of Business Development/International

We’re gearing up for the Masters in a bigger way than ever this year. Beginning March 19th, I’ll be in Augusta, Georgia working on the final touches to the Ticket City House, located just 1 block from the main entrance of Augusta National.

We’ve added a nice large deck recently to the front of the house where we will entertain our clients before and after each round of the Masters Tournament. We’ve also added a screened-in-porch, as well as a new restroom.

We expect to have about 200 people per day in and out of the Ticket City House. Not as many during the practice rounds, as the Mens Final Four will be wrapping just down the road in Atlanta, during the first part of the week.

The great thing about what we’re doing with the Masters this year which differentiates us from our competition is the Ticket City House. We don’t charge our clients anything in addition of the price of their Masters badge or practice round tickets to enjoy the casual hospitality that we offer. All of the other ticket agencies which sell Masters Badges simply give you the ticket, and send you on your way to the golf course. We encourage our clients to hang out with us; park your car at our house so you won’t need to mess with traffic or paying elsewhere to park. Have a donut or bloody mary before you watch some golf; come back in the afternoon, and we’ll throw a burger on the pit for you, offer you a few beers.

No, it’s not corporate hospitality with omelets and champagne, but if you want the best for your buck, Ticket City’s Masters program is your best option.