Austrian Grand Prix: Red Bull Hope To Give You More Than Wings

Another week and another race on the Formula 1 circuit. This time the teams flock to Austria’s Red Bull ring looking to add to their win totals. Red Bull has revived an old staple of the Formula 1 circuit which hasn’t had an official circuit race on the course since legendary driver Michael Schumacher claimed victory way back in 2003.

Despite the drama on the Mercedes team, they are still tops in the standings. Team driver Nico Rosberg took some momentum from four consecutive 2nd place finishes to win the famed Monaco Grand Prix. Apparently Rosberg had had enough of the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”talk and went out and proved he he was still capable of crossing the finish line first. The only problem was that he edged out teammate Lewis Hamilton, who was on the a four race winning streak. Having his teammate and friend, who had previously played the Robin to Hamilton’s Batman, beat him had an adverse affect as he failed to finish the next race in Montreal. Rosberg didn’t seem to mind the potential rift he may have caused and subsequently went out and grabbed second place pulling him further ahead of Hamilton in the overall standings. Rosberg also doesn’t seem to think he’ll be going back to second fiddle any time soon either. For most teams having your drivers sitting first and second in the standing is a dream scenario but they both drivers seem more determined to beat each other than other teams which doesn’t bode well for long term success.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

While the Mercedes team is focused on internal relations, the Red Bull team is starting to get on the podium and gain some momentum. They’ve had drivers finish in the points for the last six races which has them second in the overall team standings. Yes they have less than half the points Mercedes does but it’s a long season. That streak of consistency culminated with Daniel Ricciardo’s victory in Canada. Ricciardo ended Mercedes’strangle hold on the winner’s circle which has lasted six races. He also was on the podium in both Monaco and at the Spanish Grand Prix so I wouldn’t be surprised if Red Bull was about to make their move. The upcoming race is at their new home for the Formula 1 circuit and what better place to show to the racing world that this season doesn’t belong to Mercedes just yet?

Not to be overlooked is the other Red Bull team driver, Sebastian Vettel. He placed third in Canada but what might be more concerning for his fellow drivers is that he may finally be rounding into form. Vettel was easily the most dominant driver on the circuit last year winning thirteen out of twenty one races, including nine straight to close out the year. Ricciardo has done a great job to keep the ship on course but if Vettel can regain his form from last year, which saw Red Bull dominate the standings in points, that gap Red Bull sees between themselves and first place could rapidly disappear.

Home cooking tends to help in sports and with the next race on Red Bull’s home track, the outlook for the rest of the Formula 1 circuit season may be about to change.