Miami Grand Prix Parking Map

The Miami Grand Prix will be held at Miami International Autodrome at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. One of the problems with creating a Formula 1 track in the parking lot of a football stadium is that you lose a lot of parking for the event. Miami Grand Prix parking features dozens of lots in the area around the stadium and here’s the breakdown on the benefits of each.

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Close-In Lots: In and Adjacent to the Track

Miami GP Parking, closest to the track
  • Blue Lot 1
  • Blue Lot 2
  • Blue Lot 13/14
  • Grey Lot 11
  • Grey Lot 12
  • Black Lot 4
  • Yellow Lot 40
  • Yellow Lot 17/18
  • Yellow Lot 15/16

These twelve lots have the closest access to the track and will be the most sought-after, and hence, most expensive. The Blue lots (1, 2, 13, 14) are actually inside the racing track. These lots have fantastic access and are dedicated parking for Start/Finish Suites & Club, Paddock Club, Concours Club, Trophy Suite, Heineken Garden Club, The Villas, and Hard Rock Beach Club. You may not be able to score these tickets on the secondary market without also purchasing Club tickets. Green Lot 8 is located next to the track along the back straight-away and is as close as Black Lot 4, which is dedicated to 72 Club access. Lots 11 and 12 are close to the west side of the track and are among the smallest lots available and are typically issued to folks with Suite tickets or tickets for The Yachts at MIA Marina.

The Yellow Lots just south of the Stadium represent the most affordable of the Close-In lots. Lot 15, 16, 17, 18 and 40 are all just a quick walk to the main gates and are also for Club ticket holders. Lot 40 is dedicated to Silver Arrows Club, Ferrari Club and McLaren Race House Suites so should have a fantastic array of high-end sports cars. Lot 40 will probably be the best car show at the Grand Prix. Lots 15-18 should enter at Gate 3. Lot 40’s closest entry Gate is 5, but many further out lots will enter at Gate 5, so walking down to Gate 3 may be faster entry to the race.

Walkable: Remote Lots

Lots within walking distance of the race
  • Pink Lot 30
  • Pink Lot 31
  • Pink Lot 32
  • Pink Lot 33
  • Pink Lot 34
  • Pink Lot 37
  • White Lot 22
  • White Lot 21
  • White Lot 20
  • Purple Lot 41
  • Purple Lot 42
  • Purple Lot 43
  • Orange Lot 44
  • Orange Lot 45
  • Orange Lot 46

These fifteen remote lots will likely be the best bang-for-the-buck for parking at the Miami Grand Prix. They are color-coded depending on where they are relative to the stadium. Pink lots are north and west of the track, orange are southwest of the track, purple located to the south and white lots to the east. Many of these lots are dedicated to Grandstand tickets so you’ll probably be able to find good deals for Friday and Saturday.

The closest walkable lots are 31, 41 and 20 and are almost as close as the nearest lots. Expect these to be more expensive and more crowded to exit, but will give you the least amount of walking.

The Purple and Orange lots all enter at Gate 5, but it might be better to enter at Gate 3. Pink lots will enter at Gate 8, which will probably be one of the busiest gates. White lots enter at Gate 14B.

Shuttle: Remote Lots

The remote shuttle lots (lime, brown, and peach) will be the most affordable option, but plan to spend extra time getting to and from the track. Some shuttles stop at multiple Gates, so you might be able to find a shorter line if you don’t get off at the first stop.

Unofficial Lots

There are many unofficial parking options. Keep in mind that these usually don’t have shuttle service. If you pick one of these options, make sure to check the walking distance from the track. You don’t want to spend too much time walking in the South Florida heat.

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