2021 MLB Playoffs & World Series Schedule

The 2021 MLB Playoffs are finally here and the teams competing in the Fall Classic are set. The 2021 MLB Playoffs kicks off with the AL Wild Card Game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, and continues with the National League Wild Card Game featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the St. Louis Cardinals. The winner of Red Sox vs Yankees game will advance to play the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS, while Dodgers versus Cardinals winner moves on to the NLDS to face the San Francisco Giants. The other ALDS series puts the Houston Astros against the Chicago White Sox, and the other NLDS series is the Atlanta Braves versus Milwaukee Brewers.

Teams in the 2021 MLB Postseason:

The teams that qualified for the 2021 MLB Playoffs include the division winners from the American League and National League, as well as, the two Wild Card teams from each division.

2021 MLB Playoffs Schedule

2021 MLB Wild Card Games Schedule

The Wild Card games are the ultimate postseason match-up, as they are both a “Win, or Go Home” game that decides which team’s season will continue and who will be done. Fans love the Wild Card games because of the drama of seeing the best teams in baseball play in this one game sudden death format.

  • AL Wild Card: Red Sox vs Yankees
    NL Wild Card: Dodgers vs Cardinals

2021 American League Division Series & National League Divisional Series Games

The Division Series include two match-ups in the American League and two in the National League. These series are each 5 games with the winning teams advancing to face each other in the League Championships. That means it takes 3 victories to win a Divisional Series. The higher seeded team (i.e.- team with better record) hosts Game 1, Game 2 and Game 5 (if necessary). Their opponent hosts Games 3 and Game 4 (if necessary0.

  • ALDS: Chicago White Sox vs Houston Astros
  • ALDS: Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays
  • NLDS: Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee Brewers
  • NLDS: Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants

2021 AL Championship Series & NL Championship Series Match-ups

Teams that reach the ALCS & NLCS know they are one series win away from advancing to the World Series. The American League Championship Series matches up the two best AL teams from the baseball playoffs, and the NLCS does the same on the NL side. The ALCS & NLCS are both 7 game series, which means the winning team has to win 4 games to advance to the World Series. The higher seeded team get the home field advantage in the ALCS & NLCS, which means that team is hosting Game 1, Game 2 and then Game 6, Game 7 if those two are necessary. The lower seeded team in the ALCS & NLCS hosts the middle games: Game 3, Game 4 and Game 5 (if necessary).

  • ALCS: Red Sox/Rays vs Astros/White Sox
  • NLCS: Braves/Brewers vs Dodgers/Giants

2021 World Series Schedule

The schedule for the 2021 World Series is listed below and includes the full list of the games, with date, for the ’21 Fall Classic. Game 1 of the 2021 World Series will be on Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Game 2 will be played the next night on October 27th. If the series goes 7 games, then World Series Game 7 will be played on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021.

  • World Series Game 1: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • World Series Game 2: Wednesday, October 27
  • World Series Game 3: Friday, October 29
  • World Series Game 4: Saturday, October 30
  • World Series Game 5: Sunday, October 31 (Halloween)
  • World Series Game 6: Tuesday, November 2
  • World Series Game 7: Wednesday, November 3, 2021
  • (Note: games 4-7 are “if necessary”)

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