Least & Most Expensive Opening Day Tickets

Milwaukee Brewers home opener is currently the cheapest at $17 per ticket, while the average “get in” ticket price across all home openers is $72 per ticket.

Opening day is a special day on the sports calendar as many fans consider it the official start of Spring. This year the first day of MLB games is on Thursday, March 30th and every team will have played their home opener by Friday, April 7th. We with the excitement in the air for a new season, we analyzed ticket prices for each team’s home opener on ticketcity.com to see which are the best deals and which are the most expensive.

The Least Expensive Home Openers

  • $17: Mets at Brewers (Apr 3)
  • $24: Astros at Twins (Apr 6)
  • $24: Angels at Athletics (Apr 7)
  • $26: Blue Jays at Angels (Mar 30)
  • $34: Mets at Marlins (Mar 30)
  • $34: SF Giants at White Sox (Apr 3)

[Note: prices are per ticket for “get in” seats, prices subject to change.]

Milwaukee’s home opener at American Family Field is the best deal in baseball at just $17 for a “get in” ticket. Sales to date have been sluggish on that game and there are currently over 4,500 tickets still listed for sale. A contributor to the slow sales on that game is that it is scheduled on a Monday afternoon when the high in Milwaukee is forecast to be 44 degrees. Other cities where fans can find a deal for the home opener are Minneapolis and Oakland, where tickets are currently just $24 to attend.

The Most Expensive Home Openers

  • $155: D’backs at Dodgers (Mar 30)
  • $150: Yankees at Orioles (Apr 6)
  • $144: Reds at Phillies (Apr 6)
  • $128: White Sox at Astros (Mar 30)
  • $122: Marlins at NY Mets (Apr 6)

The most expensive Opening Day game is the Diamondbacks at Dodgers which currently has a “get in” price of $155 per ticket. Over the past week, sales on the Dodgers opener have averaged ~ $250 per seat which is the highest in the league over that stretch. Over the past week, the team that has sold the most (quantity) of home opener tickets are the Colorado Rockies who host the Nationals on Thursday, April 6th. The home openers with the fewest tickets listed for sale are the Orioles, Guardians and Rays which all currently show less than 1,000 available tickets. Keep an eye on that Yankees at Orioles game on Thursday, April 6, which may still blow up in price with so few tickets available.

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