Does My Child Need a ticket to go to a MLB Game?

mlb child ticket policy

A question that parents frequently have when buying MLB tickets is, “Do I have to buy my child a ticket to go to a MLB game?” The problem that a lot of parents find is that the child ticket policy is different for every team and stadium. Some teams have simple age requirements, others have height requirements, and a few have both. We have put together a comprehensive list of all of the Child Ticket Policies for all of the MLB teams and stadiums so you know exactly what to expect when arriving at a stadium.

The vast majority of MLB teams have a simple age limit for free child admission. I have grouped those teams below.

Free admittance for children under 4 (have not reached their 4th birthday):

• Cincinnati Reds
• Detroit Tigers
• Los Angeles Dodgers
• St. Louis Cardinals

Free admittance for children under 3 (have not reached their 3rd birthday):

• Atlanta Braves
• Chicago Cubs
• Cleveland Indians
• Colorado Rockies
• Houston Astros
• Los Angles Angels
• Miami Marlins
• Milwaukee Brewers
• Philadelphia Phillies
• Seattle Mariners

Free admittance for children under 2 (have not reached their 2nd birthday):

• Baltimore Orioles
• Boston Red Sox
• Oakland Athletics
• San Francisco Giants
• Tampa Bay Rays
• Toronto Blue Jays
• Washington Nationals

Teams with height requirements for free child admission:

• Chicago White Sox – Less than 36 inches tall
• Kansas City Royals – Less than 32 inches tall
• Minnesota Twins – Less than 30 inches tall
• New York Mets – Less than 32 inches tall
• Pittsburgh Pirates – Less than 32 inches tall
• San Diego Padres – Less than 36 inches tall
• Texas Rangers – Less than 36 inches tall

The New York Yankees have both age and height requirements for free child admission. If your child has not reached their 4th birthday, and is under 30 inches tall, they can enter Yankee Stadium without a ticket.

The award for the strangest child ticket policy goes to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks allow children who have not reached their 3rd birthday free admittance to a game, but also reserve the right to deny entry if the child is taller than the turnstile at Chase Field. There is no actual height limit associated with the turnstiles at Chase Field, it is up to the gate attendance discretion if your child will be admitted or denied without a ticket. Generally speaking, if you don’t have an exceptionally tall 2 year old, you will be more than okay.

Parents should keep in mind that their child will have to sit on their lap for the duration of the game. It is also best practice to bring proof of your child’s age with you to the stadium, to avoid any last minute hiccups at the gate.