Most Popular Sports Teams By State

Between the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and the 125 Division 1 FBS schools, there’s no shortage of sports teams to support in this country. While most fans opt to pick a team from each category, here at TicketCity, we wanted to find out which team out of all 247, was the most popular in each state. We decided to use Google to determine which team’s names were searched the most frequently in each state over the last 2 years and here is what we found:

Most Popular Teams By State Per Google
Most Popular Teams By State Per Google


As you can see, it’s clear that professional football reigns supreme in this country with NFL teams coming out on top in 32 states. Of those 32 states, it’s no surprise that the Cowboys (a.k.a. America’s Team) took 4 states but what is surprising is that they tied with the Seahawks who also took 4. While the argument that the Cowboys are America’s team still holds water given that the total population of their 4 states is more than triple that of the Seahawks; the Seahawks’ states have double the land area so what they lack in people they make up for in miles! Tied for 2nd with 3 states each you have the Bears, Broncos, and Vikings.

MLB won a respectable 10 states, mostly in the eastern part of the country, with the Red Sox, Pirates and Braves all pulling in 2 states each. NBA teams came out on top in just 5 states and the only NHL team to make a showing was the Boston Bruins who were most popular in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Somewhat surprisingly, only 1 state’s most popular team was a college team; Arkansas went with the Arkansas Razorbacks. While college sports are certainly just as popular as ever, it seems there are just so many teams that cause the fanbases to be smaller than what you’ll find in professional sports.

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