The biggest series in baseball 2018: Red Sox vs Yankees

USA Today Sports just published a story on the “epic pennant race” going on between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Both teams are on-pace to win 100+ games and battling for the AL East crown. The team that finishes 2nd in the AL East will have a great chance to claim an AL Wildcard spot in the 2018 MLB Playoffs. With the race so tight between two of the most popular teams in baseball, that is pushing up demand for tickets for the remaining Red Sox vs Yankees games of the 2018 season. In-fact the entire pennant race could be decided in Boston at Fenway Park on the final 3-game series of the weekend. Those last 3 games of the 2018 season between the Red Sox and Yankees are trending towards having the highest ticket demand for a series in the 2018 MLB season.

Mark your calendars if you are a Red Sox or Yankees fan, so you don’t miss this final match-up that may decide where these two teams are playing in the post-season:

Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees tickets
Game 1: Friday, September 28th
Game 2: Saturday, September 29th
Game 3: Sunday, September 30th

If you considering shipping up to Boston for this (potentially) historic series, you can also catch a Pats game as the Miami Dolphins play at the New Englands Patriots on Sunday, September 30th. Wow!