Baylor Tickets

The Baylor Bears are looking to make a splash in the Big 12 Title contention this season. Bears tickets will be coming in around August, but they can be bought and sold now. The Baylor Bears acquired their first offensive line commitment recently in Jake Jackson from Southlake, Texas. Baylor tickets to see Jackson play will be hard to find because there are a lot of Baylor alumni from the Houston area. Look for Baylor tickets to the season opener at TCU to be especially hard to come by. It should be noted that Jackson chose to play for the Baylor Bears instead of other big schools like Georgia Tech and Louisville. The Bears recently broke ground on a brand new practice facility as well, which should help attract great recruits in the near future.

You can be sure that finding Baylor football tickets when they play Texas in Waco won’t be easy. We’ve sold most of our Baylor football tickets to the Colorado game on 10/06, but we still have groups of up to 8 available. If the Bears can win 8 games this season, they’ll put themselves in a great spot to claim a Big 12 title.

I’ve heard from a few friends and clients that if you live around Waco, obtaining Bears tickets and going to a game is one of the top two or three things to do on any given Saturday. So if you need to buy Baylor Bears football tickets, call us at 800-SOLD-OUT. Sic em’!