BCS Chaos

Fans and players all over the nation expected to wake up Sunday to find that it was really Saturday and they were just a part of a massive nightmare that swept the country and turned the BCS standings upside down. Over the past three weeks the BCS has seen a different team at the number one spot, the most change the standings have seen in five years. In a huge Big 12 upset the #1 Kansas State Wildcats fell to the Baylor Bears in a game that no one could have seen coming. On the west coast the Cardinals held one of the most productive offenses to 14 points in their win over the Oregon Ducks. However, even with all the chaos in the BCS two teams did manage to benefit from last weekend’s standings scramble.

After suffering a devastating blow from the Aggies the Crimson Tide find their spot back at the top (#2) and in National Championship contention. As long as the Tide can roll through the Auburn Tigers this weekend they will get their shot at an SEC championship and possibly another BCS title. Though the Tigers are 0-7 in conference play a win for ‘Bama in the Iron Bowl will be easier said than done. Like many rivalry games across the country rankings seem to carry no significant benefit, especially when it comes to the most aggressive and tenacious of them all.

The second team that went to bed in celebration Saturday night is a team that has not seen the likes of a number one BCS rank in the school’s history. Notre Dame is set to make history as they are the only undefeated team that is eligible for a shot at the national title. Their shot at the title looks promising as 12 out of the 14 year reign of the BCS the team ranked #1 in the final two weeks of the season has gone to the National Championship game. That being said, there is one more feat that stands between the Fighting Irish and their first National Title since 1988. A rivalry that is considered to be the most important in college football producing more national titles, Heisman trophies, and All-Americans than any other: the USC-Notre Dame game. Going into the 83rd meeting of the two teams Notre Dame leads the series at 43-34-5 but have only beaten the Trojans once in the last ten years. Despite a banged up roster that will be starting a true freshman QB against the Irish, the Trojans started the season a number one and have the talent to give ND a run for their money come Saturday.

All in all, speculations point towards a National Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama but as we have learned this past weekend, anything can happen. With only two weeks left in the season College Football has never been more exciting.




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