Water Cooler: 10 Things To Know About the BCS National Championship Game

It’s the finale year of the BCS National Championship, one of the most memorable and controversial periods in college football. Here’s 10 facts to keep you in the know this bowl season:

BCS National Championship

$30,000: The value of the American Football Coaches Association Trophy

1. The winner of the BCS National Championship Game means its state will finish with the most BCS championships in the system’s 16-year history. The states of Florida and Alabama each have four BCS championships.

2. About 60 percent of bowl teams spend more to play in these games than they receive in payouts for their participation.

3. The last time the SEC didn’t win the BCS championship Johnny Manziel had just turned 13 years old.

4. The Associated Press quit letting the BCS use its weekly coaches’ poll as part of the BCS standings formula in 2005. The AP reportedly didn’t think a subjective ranking should be the basis for a major athletic competition.

5. The BCS has proven to be the longest-standing and most expansive national-championship formula to date.

6. Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 15 times in 15 years by BCS measurements and 12 times in the last 15 according to the AP poll — including the last nine years in a row.

7. The BCS is the most wide-reaching attempt to unite the traditionally strongest six Division I-A conferences with the top four bowl games.

8. There are the more than 7,000 student-athletes who have taken part in the BCS National Championship game…more than 13,800 band members and more than 100,000 additional performers who take part in the entertainment and other productions associated with the games…more than 1,280 cheerleaders who support their teams and fan bases…more than 1.8 million fans who celebrate their teams, the games, the bowls and the traditions created every postseason.

9. $30,000: The value of the American Football Coaches Association Trophy, awarded to the BCS winner.

10. 77% of people polled by ESPN think the four-team playoff announced on June 26, 2012 was the right move for college football.






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