Best place to park at new Cowboys Stadium?

The new Cowboys Stadium is one of the finest venues in professional sports.  It is also one of the biggest, with a capacity of over 100,000 people for big events.  And because there are few if any public transportation options when heading to an event in Arlington and so many other people looking for parking, then you might want to consider buying a parking pass.

Parking passes for Dallas Cowboys games can range from $75 to $200 depending on the game and lot you pick.  The best parking lots next to the stadium, like Lot 10, are so desirable that they regularly sell for $150 or more.  Those close in lots require much less walking than parking out by the Rangers Ballpark.  Even though the distance is only a few blocks to those cheaper lots, the blocks out by Cowboys Stadium are long.

If you don’t mind a little walk there are usually plenty of available options in Lot 15 for around $85 to $100 per spot.  Parking in those lots, a little further out, also makes it easier to leave after the game is over.  There are also some cash lots around the stadium with prices ranging from $40 on up.  These lots are opened in the businesses and strip centers that flank Cowboys Stadium.  The availability in these lots goes quickly, so make sure you show up early if you want a spot in a cash lot.

Parking Map from Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys Stadium parking map

Cowboys Stadium parking map

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