Betting on the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers, in my opinion, are the best team left in the NFL playoffs. They lost in the NFC Championship game last year with a great defense, a really good running game and a lot of audacity.

This year they roll into the NFC Championship with all of that but also with one of the best and brightest young quarterbacks in the game in Colin Kaepernick. He has, seemingly, everything you could ever want in a quarterback. He is smart, aggressive, a leader, accurate, strong and capable. He is a quarterback that can punish a defense for not paying attention to him and he is only getting better.

The 49ers have the weaker of the match ups this week with Atlanta. This is just a bad matchup for the Falcons and the fact that the game is being played in Atlanta is the only thing that gives me pause from predicting a comfortable win.

The 49ers will play well from the start and push their way to New Orleans.

Chance of winning – 34%