2015 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament Parking Guide


The Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament will be played at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri for the 6th year in a row. The Sprint Center is one of the premier basketball venues in the country, and has been a great home of the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship. The Sprint Center is located in the vibrant downtown Kansas City area. With fans from 10 teams descending upon one arena, there is sure to be congestion and confusion when getting to the arena. We have you covered with a complete 2015 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament Parking Guide.

Road Closures

One thing that fans attending the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament should keep in mind is the road closures in the area. With the hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the country flocking to the area, Kansas City closes off certain roads close to the Sprint Center to ensure the safety of fans. Road closures for the Big 12 Basketball Championship typically include these streets.

• Truman Road, in between Oak Street and Grand.
• Grand Street will also be closed from 13th and Truman Road
• 14th street in between Walnut and Grand

A majority of these road closures are focused on the west side of the arena, especially around the Kansas City Power & Light District. Fans looking to avoid these road closures should stay to the East or North of the Sprint Center when looking for parking.


Where is the most convenient place to park for the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament?

There are no parking lots associated with the Sprint Center. But don’t fret, there is tons of available parking in the area, and you won’t have any trouble finding a space. In terms of convenience, fans should ask themselves one key question, what do I want to do before and after the game? If the answer is spend time at the always fun Kansas City Power & Light District, then fans should try and park to the northwest of the Sprint Center. There is a large parking area at the corner of Grand and 13th Street that is right across the street from both the Spring Center and the Power & Light District. This parking lot should also allow fans to not be too affected by the road closures associated with the event.

If you would rather steer clear of the Power & Light District and would prefer to enter and exit the arena as quickly as possible, look to park on the east side of the Sprint Center. There are a number of small parking lots in between 13th and Truman on Locust Street that are only a short walk to the stadium and should offer quick exit after the game.

What other parking options do I have?

Since the Sprint Center is located downtown, there are a number of free and street parking options in the area. Fans looking to snag a free parking spot should look in the Crossroads area. There are a number of free parking options around 17th and 18th streets at the intersections of Walnut, Main, and McGee.

Another option fans might want to consider is parking at a hotel in the area. Hotels usually offer day rates for parking in their lots, which are often cheaper than paying to park near the stadium. This will allow you the freedom to walk around and explore all that Kansas City has to offer before and after games at the Big 12 Men’s basketball tournament.

How much does parking cost at the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament?

Parking in Kansas City around the Sprint Center varies depending on the day, event, and lot that you choose to park in. Generally parking in the area runs between $8 and $25. Parking closer to the Spring Center will probably be a few dollars more expensive than if you are a couple blocks away. You should also note that there are free parking options in downtown area,

If you have any other questions regarding parking at the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament, feel free to leave them in the comments and I do my best to get you a quick answer.