Big and Small, We Got ‘em All

Three White Guys and a Vato.  That isn’t their real name, of course – names have been changed in this blog to protect the innocent.  I went to hear a friend’s brother’s band play at Maggie Mae’s on Saturday night.  Mostly covers:  Sweet Home Chicago, Gimme Three Steps, Call Me the Breeze, and a nice little ditty called Bananas and Blow.  If that isn’t a classic cover someday it will be.

I’ve been to some big, stadium shows like everybody else.  When my mum was on the medical staff at Cornell University she would sometimes have to man the first aid station for the shows.  Sometimes I would go with her.  In fact, that was how I saw my first streaker

I never caught the bug for the big shows.  I have always preferred seeing bands in smaller venues.  TicketCity handles the big shows (Springsteen, Rush) but also some stellar talent that performs in clubs:  North Mississippi All Stars, Cobra Starship, and South by performers….

The next music legend begins today in a club near you.  Be sure to check-out the TicketCity Featured City pages to find out what is going on in your area.  Who knows – next year I could be saying “Aw shucks, I SAW Three White Guys and a Vato when they were on 6th Street.”

(Mt. Skrilla appears, not as Three White Guys…, but as themselves periodically in the Austin area.  Catch them and the drummer’s hair – it’s a real treat.)