Why you need to go to Bonnaroo at least once in your life.


Bonnaroo isn’t just another music festival, it is arguably the greatest live music experience in the United States. If you’re looking for a place to unwind and disconnect with the real world while diving into the sound clouds of the top performers of the year, then Bonnaroo is the place to do it.

A four-day music festival held at Great Stage Park, a 700-acre farm, in Manchester, Tennessee; Bonnaroo began as a tribute to the top jam bands but has slowly began to diversify their line-up. Although Bonnaroo continues to pay tribute to its roots, the festival has begun to feature artists in all genres. This year the headliners include Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, EDM superstar DeadMau5 (pronounced Dead mouse for those of you who don’t know), and rapper Kendrick Lamar.

With the announcement of the 2015 lineup and with Bonnaroo tickets going on sale tomorrow the hype around the festival has begun to rise and anticipation of securing tickets to the event is palpable. We’ve put together a list of why you should go and what you’ll need if you finally decide to take a step on the wild side of the music festival scene.

1. Not to brag, but the people are cool. In fact some of the coolest people you may ever meet. Go meet your Roo Family.

2. The camping. There isn’t enough to say about being able to co-habitat for four days with a whole bunch of people you don’t know in extremely close quarters, perhaps sharing parts of yourself you never thought you would. Oh yea, it’s included in your ticket price too.
(Photo: WonderandWandering.com)

3. The food. So you’re camping for four days with no food source, not. Bonnaroo hosts some of the best food trucks and venues you could possibly conceptualize. The best part is food is at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Make sure to check out Hamageddon, the master of the grilled cheese with bacon. You literally can’t miss it, it’s a giant metal pig.
(Photo: bonnaroo.com)

4. They’re green. While I can’t say that you won’t see someone in green body paint or a full green man suit (see below), that isn’t what I mean. The Bonnaroo festival has been eco-friendly since it started in 2002 and prides itself not only wanting to be the best festival but “aspiring to be the greenest” too.

5. The lineup. Enough said.


So you have now decided to take the step. Wondering what to bring? Here is our list of essentials:

What to wear:

• Shirt- probably not black because you will get hot and regret your decision
• Shorts-long pants get hot and wet when it rains
• Backpack-to carry stuff
• Sunglasses- its bright outside
• Raincoat-because it will rain
• Extra socks-because it will rain and nobody, I mean nobody likes wet socks
• Comfy shoes- because the only thing worse than wet socks is blisters

What to pack:

• Phone charger- should you need to be connected to the outside world
• Water-Because Bobby Boucher said so

• A small grill with gas or charcoal
• Sunscreen- if you care
• Bug spray
• Toilet paper- need I say more

There are a million different things that people bring to festivals but we think these are pretty important. Don’t forget your cash and that Bonnaroo does not allow any glass containers on site. Also if you are going to camp make sure you design an awesome 10-12ft flag pole so your new friends can find your site easier. Enjoy!

While we know the music festival scene isn’t for everyone, we encourage you to try and experience all that Bonnaroo has to offer. So go, camp on a car, meet new friends, dance to songs you may not know, and have the time of your life. We know you will. Find a full list of Bonnaroo tickets here.




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