Boobie for 3!

Well, I’ll start by saying that if you got to watch Game 6 last night, I envy you. I was watching strangers exchange wedding vows. Endearing, but not entertaining. (Also, if you happened to have TiVo’ed it or DVR’ed the game, call me directly at (800) 519-2592 and I’ll come over tonight and chill on your couch with an extra-large pepperoni and jalapeno pizza from Mr. Gattis and a liter o’ cola. It’ll be good times had by all.)

That being said, I watched all the video I could find on the web today that had to do with the game, and it appears that Daniel Gibson may be to Lebron James what Steve Kerr/Scottie Pippen were to Michael Jordan. I know that’s streching it, but IF (big ‘if’) the Cavaliers beat the Spurs and win an NBA title, James/Gibson will move into a new echelon of duo’s in the NBA. They’ll be (and already are) compared to Pippen/Jordan, and McHale/Parrish/Bird. Not bad company to be in.

What’s even better about the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James is the obvious amount of heart that they’re playing with. LeBron has completely befriended and supported his entire team, and is obviously making the players around him better (Gibson has been the first to give James credit for supporting him off the court prior to and during his 31 point career high performance.)

I can’t wait to NOT miss Games 1-6 (no Game 7, Cavs will win in 6) of the NBA Finals. No more weddings scheduled for me until July. “Aaalllllright. Giggidy; giggidy.”

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