Brett Favre in 2008?

For all of those who haven’t already heard, Green Bay Packers’ late great Brett Favre is pondering the implications of his retirement from the team last season.  Favre, who led the struggling Packers to the NFC championship game and surpassed John Elway’s total wins record in the 2007 season, said today in an excerpt that he “is guilty of retiring early,” reinforcing his interest in returning to the NFL in 2008. 

On July 11, Favre asked Green Bay for an unconditional release that would let him play for another NFL team this season.  Packers’ general manager Ted Thompson has dispelled rumors that Favre would be released from the team, and that the former quarterback is welcome to rejoin the team in a “different role than he was.”  Thompson has made it clear that the Packers are looking to move forward with Aaron Rodgers, Favre’s 24 year-old replacement from Chico, California.  It is interesting to note, however, that Favre’s locker is still intact.

Whether or not the Packers will consider Favre for a trade next season is yet to be discussed, and as of Saturday, no trade inquiries have arisen concerning the QB.



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