Buying Guide: 2008 Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl XLII is set. The AFC’s New England Patriots will face off against the NFC’s New York Giants. The game will be played on February 3rd, 2008 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Ticket prices for this year’s Super Bowl are the highest they’ve been in recent years, starting right now around $3500.00 per ticket.

So why are ticket prices higher for the 2008 Super Bowl:
1) It’s the Super Bowl, and there is always a tremendous amount of demand for a huge event like this. Both from fans of the teams and corporate buyers; attending the Super Bowl is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. And our prices are based on the market price, which is driven by supply & demand.

2) Super Bowl tickets are hard to procure. Very few people have access to buy Super Bowl tickets at face value (approx. $700). The NFL offers a percentage to fans of the host team (Arizona Cardinals), and a similar percentage to the participating teams (Giants & Patriots). The rest are spread around the league, with a large portion going to corporate sponsors and NFL executives. That means almost every ticket that is on the secondary ticket market comes from one of these ticket owners. Who know the value of the tickets and usually ask very high prices to sell. Also, many of the tickets on the secondary market have changed hands a few times with the asking price increasing every time they are bought/sold. So with few tickets available and each seller commanding top dollar be paid them, our prices are often just a little more than we paid. And that doesn’t even factor in that we have to travel to great lengths just to get the Super Bowl tickets from the sellers.

3) The two teams are from large East Coast markets, which are accustomed to higher entertainment prices. New York and Boston are both meccas for sports/entertainment, so fans from both locations typically pay higher prices to see big sporting events (e.g.- Red Sox or Yankees playoffs). Many New Yorkers won’t flinch at paying a price, that someone in another NFL city would not consider paying.

4) The Pats are undefeated, and going for a record season. Sure, New England has played in the Super Bowl a few times in recent years. But this year is different. Starting with the Spygate scandal at the beginning of the season, it’s obvious the Patriots (and their fanbase) have been on a mission. The game in Glendale is the final roadblock on their way to a historic season. So even though Bostonians have paid to attend Super Bowls and World Series games in recent years, a whole lot of them will want to be in Arizona to see this game in-person.

5) The Giants are from New York. NY Giants fans are passionate, and a lot of them will travel to Glendale for this game.

Keys to buying Super Bowl tickets:
* Be very careful with who you buy Super Bowl tickets from, so as to avoid scams & fake tickets. Avoid buying them ‘on the street’ outside the stadium. Do not ever agree to wire money to someone to buy tickets. Be extremely careful of buying tickets that you find through online classified sites or online auction sites. Just because the site is reputable, does not mean the sellers on there will be.

* Buy from an experienced ticket seller, who has been in the business for a number of years. There are a lot of ticket brokers to choose from, but you are better off working with one that has vast experience in this event. You might pay a few bucks more, but it’s worth it to make sure you do in-fact get the tickets you ordered. Also, make sure the ticket source you buy from has a clearly worded refund policy, in-case there are any problems.

* Ticket prices, like stocks, can fluctuate greatly. So finding the right time to buy is a key. Don’t get caught up in the initial hype to buy; first take stock of the market to see what is being offered. Check as many ticket sources as possible to make sure you have an accurate gauge of the market. Even call a few to see if they are offering any tickets specials that might not be listed online. Try to establish repoire with a Sales Associate, as this could be who you ultimately buy your Super Bowl tickets from. So both build the relationship and make sure you feel comfortable buying from them. Ask questions if you are unsure of certain policies. Last, you might be be able to save a few dollars on your order if you agree to pay with a check. That could save the ticket company a few % points in credit card fees. But only do that if you are working with a large, established ticket company. And remember that paying via credit card does ensure you certain protections against fraud that paying by check does not.

* Make sure you understand the ticket delivery instructions. On major events, like Super Bowl, it is often required to pick up your tickets on-location. This is a fairly standard practice for ticket brokers. But again, make sure you are dealing with a large, established company who has experience in dealing with the Super Bowl. And then make sure you clearly understand when and where you will be picking up your tickets. You should receive a written confirmation of that from the company where you purchase your tickets. Last, make sure you have contact information so you can stay in-touch with the company where you buy your tickets. If they are hard to reach, do you really want to buy Super Bowl tickets from them?

Super Bowl XLII should be a terrific event. It is a rematch of the week 17 game between the Patriots and Giants, that the Pats barely won by 3 points. So if you are planning to attend the big game, I hope you enjoy Super Bowl Week. There are lots of great activities and parties going on, so please call us if you are need of tickets for those.

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