Can the Houston Dynamo Get a Playoff Spot?

Over the weekend, the Houston Dynamo suffered another road defeat, getting shutout by the Columbus Crew 3-0. The Dynamo have managed to win only one road game all season long, the primary reason why they are currently mired in 9th place in the Eastern Conference. They have picked up just seven wins in twenty-four games, losing thirteen times and drawing four matchups. Currently sitting at twenty-five points, the Dynamo will most likely need to come very close to doubling their point total in the final ten games of the season if they wish to make the playoffs in 2014.

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

While fans are rather expectedly frustrated with their recent play, the Dynamo have notoriously finished the season strong. Over the past eight seasons, they have lost more than three games out of their final ten just once. And even in that season (2010) they were able to scratch out 13 points by winning four games and drawing one. In 2008, Houston lost just one of their final ten games, winning five of them and drawing the other four for a total of 19 points. If they can replicate that type of success, they just may be able to sneak in to the 5th and final playoff spot on the Eastern Conference.

Depending upon how these next two or three games go, it’s certainly fair for fans to be cautiously optimistic about the Dynamo’s chances. They’ll play this Friday at Sporting KC before heading back home for two in a row. The first home matchup will be against the Montreal Impact, the line team trailing the Dynamo in the Eastern Conference standings. After that, the Columbus Crew will come to town as Houston seeks revenge after this weekend’s poor showing. The average ticket prices for Dynamo tickets to the Impact game is $30 while just a tick more expensive for the Crew game at $32.

If the Dynamo can find a way to draw against KC and then win the two home games, they’d be sitting at 32 points with seven games to go. From there, just winning out the final three home games and finding a way to get a win or a couple draws on the road would probably be good enough to reach the postseason. The final three home games are against the Chicago Fire on September 28th, D.C. United on October 12th, and the New England Revolution on October 16th. Each game has seen a progressively higher average ticket price on the secondary market at $32, $33, and $34 for each matchup, respectively. Though it’s too early to tell just how the end of this season will play out, expect ticket prices to gradually rise over the next few weeks if the Dynamo can remain in the hunt. A history of strong finishes will keep the fan base on their toes. And with a few newcomers firmly entrenched in the lineup now, it’s within reason to expect Houston to provide their fans with a very exciting finish to the 2014 campaign.




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