Canadian Grand Prix

This sunday offers one of the worlds largest sporting events, the Canadian Grand Prix. Hot off NBC broadcasting the Monaco Grand Prix, which was the most watched Formula 1 race in six years, the Canadian Grand Prix hopes to keep the momentum going. Yes, NASCAR has a firm hold on the US racing market but don’t let that overshadow what Formula 1 has to offer. While NASCAR uses Toyota Camrys, Formula 1 employs the craftsmanship and engineering of some of the worlds finest automakers like Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes. And that Mercedes team is where you’re going to find some of the most intriguing story lines of race weekend.

The Mercedes team has won the last three races on the F1 circuit but tensions have been growing between the two drivers responsible for those wins. Team driver Lewis Hamilton had won the previous two races and presumably was looking to continue racing up wins. That was until teammate and off again on again BFF, Nico Rosberg swiped the pole position away from Hamilton at Monaco. Rosberg may or may not have also driven off the course on purpose to keep Hamilton from qualifying first. You’re probably asking yourself why he would do such a thing?

Photo: Mark Thompson

Photo: Mark Thompson

The answer is simply; strategy. The Mercedes team devises it’s whole strategy around the top qualifier on the team. If Rosberg wanted to win he’d have to have pole position. It would look terrible if out on the track the two teammates were dueling for a win. I mean maybe to the Ferrari team it would look great but it is most definitely not the image Mercedes would want to portray to the world. It’s makes sense though, Rosberg not wanting to keep living in the shadow of his longtime friend and teammate. He’s probably one of the five or ten best F1 drivers in the world but at the moment he was only second best on his team. Can you really blame him for trying to show he’s still got the talent to win?

Now I’ve never been behind the wheel of a race car, unless you count my numerous hours of playing Mario Kart, but I can tell you that these guys are as competitive as they come. Yes it’s a “team”sport but each racer gets individual results. Second best probably wasn’t what Nico Rosberg singed up for.

Even with the recent string of Mercedes victories Team Ferrari is lurking close behind. Had I written this post two months ago I’d be focusing on their string of back to back 1-2 finishes in China and Spain. Team drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen had been racing at the top of their games and a return to form this weekend isn’t unrealistic. Especially with the flammable situation over at Mercedes. Alonso finished 2nd at the Canadian Grand Prix last year so he know what it takes to get onto the podium. Don’t count out Team Red Bull either. Whether at the X Games or on the Formula 1 circuit their athletes have been winning all over and this race might not be any different. They just makes such good commercials which just inspire me to believe that they can win at anything. They helped a guy jump out of a space ship for christ sake!

Now if you’re still looking for tickets you’re going to need to hurry as the race is tomorrow. While it is great to sit along the fence line and see the action up close and personal, I’d suggest looking to get seats a little higher up in the stands. It’s a long track and you’re going to want to watch more of the action than the few seconds these super cars whip by you. Seats with a view of the tight corners are also going to be good for viewing as you’ll get to see drivers making passes at sub triple digit speeds.

Fast cars and tight corners are going to make for a great race this weekend in Montreal.